Ready to transform the lives of thousands of math and science students in California?

Don’t be encumbered by history –
go off and do something wonderful.
— Dr. Robert N. Noyce, Inventor of the Silicon Chip, Co-founder of Intel

Trellis Teacher Scholars are...


Scholars receive six years of financial and professional support as they enter the profession, including five years of mentoring from accomplished math and science teacher mentors.


Scholars earn a single-subject credential, a Master's Degree in a STEM or STEM Education discipline, and ultimately begin National Board Certification as they join the mentoring community of accomplished teachers who supported them.


Scholars leave the program among the most effective and resilient STEM teachers and teacher leaders in California.


Qualities of  Trellis Teacher Scholar: 

Optimistic initiators STEM fanatics Adaptive learners Creative problem-solvers

Passionate change-makers Equity-eyed collaborators


Teacher Scholar applicants must:

  • Be applying or accepted to a partner teacher preparation program for fall 2019

  • Be able and excited to learn to teach in partner, public middle and high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Be ready to commit to working in California public schools for the next six years

  • Believe STEM teaching is a form of social justice

Application Process

Phase 1

All welcome to participate

April 25, 2019

Tell us about yourself.

Fill out this brief informational survey, even if you’re just curious and not committed to applying.

Be prepared. You'll be asked to specify the teacher preparation partner program you are currently enrolled in, applying to, or planning to apply to.

Come hang out with us.

Attend the 5th Annual Trellis UnConference, Thursday, April 25, from 6-9pm at Yelp, Inc. in downtown San Francisco. 

Find out more about the event and get your (free!) ticket here.

Phase 2

All welcome to apply

May 3, 2019

Please email all Phase 2 materials to:

Why trellis?

In a 15-30 second audio or video clip, tell us why you want to be a Trellis Teacher Scholar.

Why STEM Education?

Former first lady Michelle Obama, among others, has called education the most important civil rights issue facing the country today. Here is a data set that might

In any medium, use use this data set, any other data that you feel is relevant, and your identities and experience to support this claim for STEM learning.

Phase 3

By invitation only

May 11, 2019

No deliverables. Come have fun!

Build something together.

Come together with a handful of other finalists in a maker space. In small groups, engage in a design challenge focused on STEM learning and collaboration.


2019 Trellis Summer Institute: June 10-14, 2019

Mentor-Mentee Kick-Off and All-Trellis Fall Picnic: August 3, 2019