Trellis Education exists to support high-quality STEM teacher preparation, support, and development efforts from the pre-service through 5th years in the classroom.

We work with teacher preparation programs, school districts, schools, teacher educators, mentors and potential mentors in this space, and offer professional services and tools to support cohesive pathways of professional learning for STEM teachers. We aren't a one-shot PD provider; we know teacher learning takes time, so we work with partners over the long term.

Currently, we work with...

  • MENTORS & TEACHERS, to ensure STEM teachers learn and become more effective at enacting core teaching practices that have been shown to facilitate student learning best

  • DISTRICTS & SCHOOLS, to develop long-term plans for recruiting, developing, and retaining STEM teachers so they become measurably more effective at facilitating student learning over time and stick around

  • ADMINISTRATORS, to develop long-term funding and support structures that create and keep extraordinary STEM teachers, and that save them money in the long run

  • TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAMS, to build a community of talented STEM teacher mentors who are exceptional at helping teachers grow over time

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Current Consulting Partners