Standing For Something

2017 in the Rear View

When I don’t know what to say to someone, I walk toward them.
— Lee Mun Wah

Perhaps the end of a long, tough year is the most important time to name what we stand for. To let our values and vision ring out. And to stand with those who are brave enough to continue to fight.

We stand with teachers and their teachers.

We stand with Dreamers (and their dreams).

We stand with Ahmed and Rochelle and Waters and .

We stand up for science.

We stand with #metoo and #blacklivesmatter and #loveislove and #nohumanisillegal.

We stand up for those who resist and speak up and unsubscribe.

We stand up for kindness and friendship, and for walking toward one another.

We stand up for those who can’t.

We stand up for the Best. Job. Ever.

At Trellis, we view STEM teaching and learning as an act of social justice and we are working to ensure that our most untapped student populations have access to amazing STEM teachers. Great teachers are made, not born. And Trellis is helping to create the long term support required to fix the leaky STEM pipeline and give students the teaching and opportunities they deserve. When we stand up for teachers, they can stand up for their students. We are proud to say we stood up for teachers in 2017, and we will stay standing.



Megan W. Taylor, NBCT, PhD

Founder, Trellis Education